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No.Draw - Colors by Number 2018

این برنامه برای همه ی سنین مناسب است این برنامه برای همه ی سنین مناسب است
نصب ها فعال ۱,۰۰۰-
حجم ۲۵ مگابایت
نسخه ۱.۳.۰
آخرین بروزرسانی ۲۳/۰۶/۱۳۹۹


Many interesting coloring pages. Relax youself, and ..improving your coloring skills on Android.
There’re different kind of pages ..for you to choose: Mandala, Animal, Flowers and more.
Easy to control, ..coloring a pages to forget the troubles.
A mind journey which makes you ..anxiety free and stress relieving!

- 1000+ exquisite pages: Mandala, ..Animal, Flowers, Ocean…and more.
- Various interesting coloring tools: ..Imitating the real paintbrushes and voice,just enjoy it !
- Rich palettes, ..Custom colors, Colorfit has all the colors what you want.
- Free creation: ..creat your own pages which you like! Drawing with the special brushes that you ..will get the pretty mandala!
- Bring your own coloring pictures: take a or import from gallery.

● Color therapy: Colorfit makes you ..anxiety free and stress relieving at anytime!
● Share your joyful with : Suit for the family time. Everyone could find the favorite pages.
● ..There’re no age limit in Colorfit. Everyone could enjoy it and release your ..creative talent.

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